You & invisible me

You’re perfect, you’re beautiful.
When you look at me with those deep brown eyes,
Everything inside me is melting.
You make me lose my mind.
When you smile at me,
I get confused.
I do stupid things around you.
You must think I’m a fool.
But I’m not, really.
I want to tell you how I feel.
What I feel.
What you do to me.
But it looks like you don’t like me.
You ignore me every time.
You don’t even say hi,
When I see you at the traffic light.
You like her more than me, I think.
At least, it looks like that.
But listen, dude.
I like you, very, very much.
Why the hell you don’t see me.
But, I promise you, I’ll always be there when you need me.
I will be there, although you hate me.
I hope you tell me what you think.
One time. That makes it so much easier for me.
Please, tell me your thoughts and I’ll let you alone.
Tell me, right in my face, that you hate me.
I want to hear you think I’m a fool, a freak, a geek.
If you do, I’m done, I can go, I can finish and I can leave.

- SkyeFaerie -

© Copyright SkyeFaerie

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