My love keeps growing.

I love you, a little too much.
My heart goes wild, by the thought of your touch.
You're not mine, that I know.
You got someone else, but I won't stop fighting though.

You love me, not as much as I love you.
You say that, you don't know what to do.
I'm too far away, that's a fact.
You won't break up with her, that is something I will never expect.

Just stop saying, that you love me.
You and I, can never become a we.
Don't cheat on your girl, not with me knowing.
Although my love, keeps on growing.

© Copyright Rozi

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ik hou van iemand wie ver weg woont, hij zegt dat hij ook van mij houd, maar heeft wel een ander vriendinntje.. wat moet ik doen? </3


Cheating Growing Love