you only know you love him when you let him go

Dreaming about the things that we could be,
Hoping one day, I’ll make a dream true,
But dreams are slow and they go so fast,
I’ll be still waiting for you

What’s going out in your mind?
Can you feel it coming back?
No, you don’t find

When my dreams all fail,
I see him when I close my eyes,
I’m out of love,
Angry, of all his lies

I see fire,
I always pick you up when you’re getting down,
You and I, that’s all what I desire

The days are cold,
It’s dark inside,
I need to let you go,
But it’s too cold outside

I don’t want to let you down,
I’ve cried so many times,
I’m drowning in my own tears

I think about him every single day,
I love him too much,
Please, go out of my mind, away!

I feel so alone,
Want to love somebody else,
Lights gone, days end,
But I can’t, loving someone else.

One love, one fight,
I’ll be die tonight,

I’m an angel who will die,
Closed eye,
Hope for a better life…

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