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When we fall down, we bleed.
We crash and break down.
But it makes us strong.
It gives us something to stand for on our own feet.

I know you get through this.
But just the thought that you might die..
I need you to give me a nice kiss.
How would I stay calm in a stress moment without you by my side?

Who will be there to teach me all I need to know about photography?
Who will be there to saddle up my horse and stand proudly by the side?
Who will be there to give me a good feeling about myself?
Who will be there to give me a place to go when I can’t take it anymore?

I know you get through it.
You had this before.
But I can’t help but crying.
I don’t want to place you under the floor.

Please stay strong.
I can’t lose you now.
Keep your heart beating and make your daughter proud.
I don’t see you as much as I would like.
I have seen your pain in your eyes.
But never realized all the tears you cried.

You have lost so much, so don’t lose your life.
Daddy don’t leave me behind.

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