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I'm sure you know

what If I told you you're the one?
I know I'm young
darling, you know
I know

how things should feel
how things will be
you know
I know how our future feels

how the colours smell
the cards say yes
to the both of us

I say yes
I feel yes

I don't know how our future looks
we could go anywhere, anytime, with anyone
I don't know how our future looks
but I know how it will feel

an orange and golden sky
alot of red

you just straight up make me happy
I want that for the rest of my life
a life on the moon

tell me when you're ready
cause I am
I promise I'll tear you apart
and kiss you back together
time after time

I'll clean up and let you be a mess
I'll listen to every single word
I'll adore you
Love you

I'll never stop writing about you
smiling about you
kissing you
I'll never stop buying
you roses

I will never stop loving you
making sure you know how much
I love and want you

you'll probably, maybe,
not believe this but you make me
the best me
even better then I thought
I could be

Just let me know
wink or something
ask me to marry you
something like that
or just wink

I'll take your hand and give you
my love
not because you deserve it
well that too
but because I want you
to have it

I'll do everything
show everything
I ever promised

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I'm sure you know