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A little story about a country and its people

Once there was a country,
That was as lovely as could be.
And the people that lived there loved each other
And the country
More than they could tell.
But love is as powerful in connecting as it is in letting go.

Love dropped a bomb,
And the country got split in two.
Devastation and shock was among the people.
Some had seen the bomb falling,
For others it came out of the blue.
And the county that was once one
Was hurt by love.

At first the country and its people were still one,
But as time passed the countries got more separated,
Though still connected through the people that travelled back and forth
to both countries and their shared history.
The people kept travelling ‘cause they didn’t need the country to be one to exist.
Everyone is one,
But as long as you are surrounded by others you will always have love.
The people travelled,
Build bridges,
And never chose a better half.
And so the countries that were once one were parted but inseparable.
Connected by the people that kept travelling.

Love is strong,
And love can change.
But love is always there
And love will never break down
The happiness of existence.

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A little story about a country and its people