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Spelling en grammatica: Engels gedicht

datum 27-12-17 21:24
avatar Berichten: 105
Hoe maak ik dit gedicht eventueel vlotter en zitten er grammatica fouten in?

When I was nine years old they told me
That when a boy was rude it meant that he liked you
When he would push you against a tree
They're just into you

I always wondered why
They had to be so impolite
They could've just said hi
It didn't feel right

When I was twelve years old I noticed
That it wasn't the same
Boys gave me a smile instead of a fist
And my feelings weren't a game

It felt strange
That they treated me different
The boys made a change
As if the past never happened

When I was fifteen years old I met a boy
One of the sweetest people I'd ever seen
And I got into
The boy who made me feel like a queen

The boy who would cheer me up
Who would make my day bright
For who I wasn't just a back-up
The boy for who I write
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