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this is a message to make clear what i feel
I don't know if it's my imagination or if it's real
there's almost no one that I can trust
is what I say when I pick it up and blow off the dust

He didn't want it to end this way
is what they are able to say
I paint with silver but it comes out red
I think back to all the tears I've shed

it won't be my final day
for now that is all I can say
I still make my move every time
never is it wanted, always it's a crime

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  • Oh baby.. I know things may be ruff right now.. But I'm sure we can get threw it Don't worry, darling You'll be oke . And I'm always here if you need me

    Verwijderde gebruiker - 12-11-2014 om 22:53


Ik ga akkoord met de voorwaarden (opent in nieuw venster)

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