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We never became the words on a screen.
We became the silence that lies in between.
With a love that was so strong.
No one could ever describe that in a song.
But when actions came in,
Because words can said by anyone.
They all disappointed me.
Didn’t matter where it came from.

Manny times I had stood up.
The ground is not where I stop.
The thought of laughing again.
The thought of loving again.
For my life not to be lost.
For living to begin.
For my heart to start, when it was covered in frost.

And if I could fall asleep next to someone I love,
And wake up beside him.
I will never be sad again.
But I don’t longer believe in soul mates.
But I hope love hasn’t give up on me.

For once my mind be quiet.
No stress in my veins.
No heartache.
And for once to die at peace.
Can a heart stop beating even when it’s broken?
I hope so because, I gave my soul all open.
And now it’s over.

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