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confessions of a camgirl

This is who I am,
confident, pretty and social.
And I know who you are,
vicious, a liar and trouble.

I show you all of me,
slowly taking off my clothes.
You let your eyes drift,
over the curves that i expose.

I dance around for you,
what would you like to see?
My underwear goes off too,
and you inhale sharply.

You watch me while you masturbate,
and i hope this will make you love me.
That you believe I'm attractive,
so that we can be happy.

But when you're done,
you just leave me behind.
So I guess you don't love me,
but why should I mind?

You just want to see my body,
and i want your validation.
Cause I'm not at all beautiful,
but you make me feel feminine.

It's just not enough,
so i find a new man.
I put on my clothes,
and start again.

of course i feel guilty,
It just feels so right.
afterwards i feel so bad,
and I can't seem to sleep at night..

I was never confident, pretty or social,
and you are just a scam.
so I put on my mask,
but this is not who i really am.

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confessions of a camgirl