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Your kiss was always right
The way you held me in warmth at night
Your embrace saved me
You touched and longed for me
You catched and released me
You called and heard me
Safely disrupted me
You Believed and robbed me from all evil
You Stifled and numbed me
I breathe and I live you
You trust and considerd me as a human worthy of your love
Your warmth trembles me
You let me go, you held me back
From angry dreams and nightmares

The warmth of your love
The touch of you once being here
Only now in my memories are you near

The lonely questions you asked out of happiness and despair
With your black hair as the night
With your handsome smile as daylight
The way you talked
The way you laughed
Your voice so close as an Angel’s glare
You cared for me, you cherished me
You stirred and moved me
I want you, I need you
I can’t lose you, stay with me
In dark nights, I yearn for you
But now I know, the infinite emptiness
I have to move on, alone

The warmth of your love
The feeling of you once being there
Only now in my memories are you near

I know you will hold me tight in your thoughts and dreams
Search for me there for who I am, for who I was
For all you know all around you, I am there
And I know this is for the best
But even though I can’t help it
Sometimes I find you in my memories
Oh, how I miss you
Oh, how I loved you
Oh, how I delivered and lost you
I hear and I see you clearly now
I feel and understand you better now
I blush at my love for you
I blush at my laugh, my smile for you
I am sorry for my anger, my fears, my compassion and tears
I am sorry for my truth and lies
Oh, how they confused and distracted you
I will help you become free from this, free from me
I know it is for your best
On seperate ways to a better place
Even though, I am not ready yet to let you go
I will hold you close if I need to
I know I can find you in everything all around me and that is enough
Knowing that once you were mine and I was once yours to love

The warmth of my love
The feeling of me once being there
Only now in your memories am I near

© 2019 MNN Music

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