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Tired of relegion

Hey there God it's me
It seems I just don't see
Why all the things we asked
Or prayed would come to pass
Have gone unheard
Like silent words
That slip into the past

As if you don't hear
There's far too many tears
Or can't you feel
Are we unreal?
To one who knows no peers

And can we be tired of you
Is that something that we're allowed to do
For even the blind change their view
And it's time we tried something new

You say we must pay dues
But still I am confused
I need to walk
And with you talk
Instead of to statues

For God they're not schemes
Can't you tell dreams
Why do you let them slip by
And never even tried

And you take all the fame
But who'll accept the blame?
For all the hurts
Down here on earth
Unnecessary pain

For surely you must care
Or are you only air?
Built in out minds
And never really there

And so I pled my case
I'll now pull my escape
Didn't mean to doubt
What it's about
Seems I forgot my place

But if you find the time
Please change the story line
Or give a call
Explain it all
Or try to give a sign

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Tired of relegion