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To live for yourself is to live selfishly.
But to live for others is to live eternally.
Me, I try to live for all of humanity.
And I know that coins aren't the solution to everything-y.
But I really think that in some way Africa could use some money.
It truly is a big problem, this poverty.
So can we not combine all our efforts and try a little harder to find the key?
Because over there they are praying on their knee
And if they can not help their own, who is left but we?
The world opens her eyes and see.
That me + me will never equal me being free.
There will always be that continent over the sea.
The one with all the beauty,
But also the one with more than one refugee.
The one where you got your coffee.
The one you only see on your TV.
Help Unicef and all those people in their war they fight bravely
And I hope that one day someone will write down that finally,
The people in charge of this planet guarantee,
That there will be no more blood diamonds in our jewelry.
That Africa will no longer have to bleed,
That the farmer will get enough money for his tea.
So he can finally tell his son his belly will no longer be empty
And he can tell his wife that they can feed their baby
Let them write that everyone can sleep happily.
And go to tomorrow without a single worry.
Not just in Italy,
But also in Guinee.
Not only the dutchy,
But also the people in Malawi.
You know what?Why not every country?!
Government, please start trading fairly.
So that they also have a chance to let their kids watch disney.
Go to a party.
And wake up the day after around three.
Instead of digging a hole of 6 feet because there is another child to bury.
Just think about this burden they have to carry
When you hope that maybe tonight. Mom's steaksauce will not be so nasty.
I'm only asking to play your part righteously.
Let our generation write history.
Cause like this, it does not have to be...
Understand me?

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Reacties op ‘Africa’

  • heel mooi! en zeker waar, het zou absoluut helpen als de wereld zich in zou zetten. ik doe mee ^^

    sjell - 14-08-2010 om 22:24


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