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Forever alone

As I lay silently in bed
Your familiar words run through my head
But they're not familiar in a way you'd think
They put me to the edge, I'm on the brink

Your voice sends the chills directly down my spine
It repeats to bring the crystal tears to my eyes
I hear the words "baby, what's wrong?"
Tumbling into a breakdown because you're gone

You're pushing me out slowly but sure
I'm fighting to hold my place, but I'm not wanted anymore
Never thought beauty would be coming from pain
But depression is running in the blood of my veins

When you look at me, I want to cry
Plain and simple, but I stare back and lie
Asking if I'm alright, when my body has turned to lead
I'm so messed up inside, I'm close to almost dead

I'm broken and bruised, I guess you could say
This being the only thing that just won't go my way
Could swear I'm in love, but it beats to the bone
Knowing without you, I'm forever alone

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Forever alone